I Moved!

Hi Loves,

So, I have some big news that didn’t get shared on the blog yet. I moved, not just out of Boston, but out of the state of MA all together! I’m back home where I grew up in New York. Not the city but a bit up the Hudson River from there. Since coming back to the area I’ve had a ton of fun rediscovering old places I loved, and trying so many new places as well. I’ve been loving all the outdoor activities I can do, all the new food locations popping up, and all the great workouts I’ve been able to get in.

What this change means is that my blog will be shifting from Boston life to Hudson Valley life. I’ll be striving to make posts about great things to do, places to eat, and how to spend your time here in the Hudson Valley if you life here, or get the chance to visit. I’m down in NYC all the time, so there will also be some city life content every now and then. You all know photo journals are my jam, and EVERYTHING here is so photogenic you can definitely expect a lot of pics.

Some of you may be asking what I’m doing for work here, and if you don’t follow along on my social media (which you totally should by the way) you wouldn’t know that I’m a full time teacher. I teach 1-7 grade at a Montessori school in the area and I totally love every second of it! Throughout the winter we go snowboarding every Friday in Great Barrington, MA, so there may be some MA content coming up!

I’m so excited for this change, so far it’s been great. I hope to share more and more with you in 2020. Including some photo journals from 2019 that didn’t get posted! My bad!





Delicious Findings

Hi Loves,

The last time I went home to the Hudson Valley I got the chance to explore the wide variety of food it offers. My mom and I went on the Hudson Valley Food Tour led by Jennifer Brizzi. She took us to 6 very different restaurants on the Poughkeepsie tour, and each of them was amazingly delicious. This tour had a special focus on local food. It was amazing seeing what restaurants can do with food that comes from just down the road. From sweet potato pizza to lobster chowder, it was a day of deliciousness.

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Starbucks VS Dunkin

Hi Loves,

One of the great debates in life is that of Starbucks VS Dunkin Donuts. It pertains to my life more than one would think, but in my head the debate is displayed as New York VS Boston. For me the two are in constant collision, and when it comes to coffee that is no exception.

Starbucks is like a shiny black Amex, giving you luxury, opening the doors to your own personalized drink, one that is exclusively yours, and offers your rewards for your loyalty. I myself have a Starbucks Gold Card, and I’ve maintained this status since 2010, so needless to say, Starbucks is my go to.

Dunkin on the other hand, is a cheap-quick-cup-of-not-too-strong-coffee that, it seems, everyone here in Boston has a major addiction to. Dunkin also has a rewards program which I partake in, however these rewards allow me to have a guilt free doughnut every once in a while.

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