I Moved!

Hi Loves,

So, I have some big news that didn’t get shared on the blog yet. I moved, not just out of Boston, but out of the state of MA all together! I’m back home where I grew up in New York. Not the city but a bit up the Hudson River from there. Since coming back to the area I’ve had a ton of fun rediscovering old places I loved, and trying so many new places as well. I’ve been loving all the outdoor activities I can do, all the new food locations popping up, and all the great workouts I’ve been able to get in.

What this change means is that my blog will be shifting from Boston life to Hudson Valley life. I’ll be striving to make posts about great things to do, places to eat, and how to spend your time here in the Hudson Valley if you life here, or get the chance to visit. I’m down in NYC all the time, so there will also be some city life content every now and then. You all know photo journals are my jam, and EVERYTHING here is so photogenic you can definitely expect a lot of pics.

Some of you may be asking what I’m doing for work here, and if you don’t follow along on my social media (which you totally should by the way) you wouldn’t know that I’m a full time teacher. I teach 1-7 grade at a Montessori school in the area and I totally love every second of it! Throughout the winter we go snowboarding every Friday in Great Barrington, MA, so there may be some MA content coming up!

I’m so excited for this change, so far it’s been great. I hope to share more and more with you in 2020. Including some photo journals from 2019 that didn’t get posted! My bad!





Oh Canada! pt. 2

Hi Loves,

This past summer I went to Canada once again and fell in love with it even more than the first time I went. This time I headed up there with two of my best girls, Amanda and Mitchie. We drove up to Niagara and then around Lake Ontario and into Toronto for the weekend. Having the opportunity to spend the entire weekend in Toronto was great, we got to take time to wander around the city. A girls road trip was exactly what I needed, complete with a Jonas Brothers sing-a-long to get us through the last bit of the drive. Thanks for a great weekend girlies!

On to the photos!


6am – Start driving

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London 2017 Photo Journal

Hi Loves,

My #SpringBreak2017 has officially ended, and instead of going to some warm tropical place and getting a tan like most people would do, I went across the pond to London. If you don’t know my best friend is studying in London and she was kind enough to let me stay with her and show me all of her favorite spots in London. By the end of my week I’d fallen in love with London and the English country side. I will definitely have to go back, if not to see my friend again, then for the AMAZING Indian food!

On to the photos:




Bye Boston, Hello London

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Oh Canada! Photo Journal

Hi Loves,

Remember that time I went to Canada? No? That might be because I never got around to posting my photo journal. Better late than never right? My trip to Canada was a girls trip in the summer of 2016 with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin. We left at 5 am and drove up to Niagara falls, spent some time there then drove over to Toronto. We were in Toronto for a couple of days (I searched for Drake the entire time). We ate some amazing food and saw some pretty cool art. Then we drove over to Montreal where my cousin and I shared our first legal drink, ate some more amazing food, and saw some of the city’s history. When it was time to leave Canada we had one more adventure back in New York before we returned home. We stopped and went hiking then rafting, which are two of my favorite activities. I hope you enjoy the photos!


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Weekend Exploring: Secret Spot

Happy Summer, Loves!

Summer ’16 has officially begun, and if you followed my blog last summer you know that I love to explore and go on crazy, spontaneous, and fun adventures with my friends. The time for that has officially begun!

Last weekend my friends and I went on a day long adventure, starting with a hike that involved running form mosquitos, and ending with tanning on the beach. It was quite the perfect summer day, and if you want to see all the details you can watch it on my new YouTube channel!

Yes, Mitchie and I started a YouTube channel about a month ago, so far we are having a lot of fun with it, so if you are interested in watching our crazy fun times you can check out our channel, here.

On to the adventure pictures!


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