Weekend Exploring: Charles River Views

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Hi Loves,

One night last week I decided to walk home from work. Now not all the way from work to home, but instead of taking the Red Line to Park Street and then taking the Green Line to Kenmore, I got off at Charles/MGH and walked down the Charles River Esplanade home to Fenway.

I wont lie, it’s the most walking I’ve done in a long time, I was in physical pain the next day! But the view was beautiful, I couldn’t resist walking next to that stunning sunset.

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Weekend Exploring: Secret Spot

Happy Summer, Loves!

Summer ’16 has officially begun, and if you followed my blog last summer you know that I love to explore and go on crazy, spontaneous, and fun adventures with my friends. The time for that has officially begun!

Last weekend my friends and I went on a day long adventure, starting with a hike that involved running form mosquitos, and ending with tanning on the beach. It was quite the perfect summer day, and if you want to see all the details you can watch it on my new YouTube channel!

Yes, Mitchie and I started a YouTube channel about a month ago, so far we are having a lot of fun with it, so if you are interested in watching our crazy fun times you can check out our channel, here.

On to the adventure pictures!


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Weekend Exploring: Boston Harbor

Hi Loves,

I got so excited about exploring Boston again that I went exploring on a Tuesday! Oops! Oh well, this time Mitchie (from Just Mitch Photography) and I had some time between our classes and decided to go explore around the Boston harbor and take some fun pictures. So here it is for you, the second edition of “Weekend Exploring”, wandering around the Boston Harbor, and risking my phone’s life, just to bring you guys some fun fab photos! So don’t forget that you can follow me on VSCO, here, and you can follow me on Instagram, here. Lets get to those photos!

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I was actually planking to take this photo…

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Weekend Exploring: Re-discovering the Beauty in Boston

Hi Loves,

Boston is such an amazing city, but being busy with school and work doesn’t allow for much time to really embrace the beauty the city has to offer. So on the weekends I like to take what little time I have and find the beauty in new places around Boston. This is the start of a new weekend series where I will be sharing with you the photos from my weekends around Boston, or if I’m away then photos from where ever I am on the weekends! I’ve also just learned about what VSCO is… I don’t know how it took me so long to figure out, but you can check out my VSCO site, here.

This weekend my awesome friend Mitchie, check out her website here, and I decided to go to the Cambridge side mall and do some shopping. Of course she brought her camera with her, as any good photographer would do, and I brought my phone, as any good blogger would do. As we were walking to the mall we got distracted by the many beautiful views that Boston holds, so here I’m going to share them with you.


View from the Green Line.

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