Eye Plus Cream From Dewycel

Hi Loves,

This summer has been a wild, wild ride. Between the sun, swimming, plane and car rides, and now moving into my new apartment my skin has really been drained! My typical skin care routine has not been cutting it with keeping me awake and not looking like one of the walking dead. When Dewycel reached out to me I was so thrilled to test out their eye plus cream! Eye creams are not something I typically included in my routine, but recently I’ve been seriously looking into different eye creams especially for when the weather here in the North East starts to get cold. Please keep in mind that while this post is sponsored all opinions are my own, so don’t let that dissuade you from reading on!

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Battle of the Face Masks

Hi Loves,

Even though this has been a very odd winter thus far the wind has not been great for my skin. I realized that I’ve collected a few different face masks recently that all look amazing, so I’ve decided to pin them against each other to see which one I like the best. So here is what you need to know about my skin before we get into this. I have combination skin, oily T zone, but my cheeks and around my mouth tend to get very dry. I use the Ponds moisturizer almost every night after I wash my face, but I won’t be using that after these masks unless the instructions direct me to use a moisturizer after. All of these products are available at Sephora and I will have links and prices below.I tried a different mask each night over 4 days to see how they felt, what they smell like, and how they changed my skin (if at all).

The first mask I tried was the Sephora brand Algae Sleeping Mask. I was not sure how it would work, it feels like a gel and had a blue tint to it, and it smells like plants but in a good way. Continue reading