My Day in NYC ft. The Rockettes

Hi Loves,
Yesterday I spent the day in NYC for a family birthday party. When I first arrived we went to pier 62 so that my little cousin could try out the skate park…Let me tell you something, I don’t know how people skateboard or let their children do it! I watched teenage boys and adults do things that I would pee myself attempting. Kudos to them for really being brave for something they love but don’t try to put me on a skateboard unless you’re going to tow me along at .5 MPH. After he had his fill of skateboarding we wet to a restaurant called Thalia’s. It was an adorable restaurant with 40’s inspired decor, we had a delicious brunch and after we were well and full we ended up coming across a crepes food truck! I was desperate to try it but too full to justify it, so we kept walking.



From the restaurant we walked to Radio City Music Hall to see the Spring Spectacular. On our way there we saw this women wearing her easter bonnet from the Easter parade. I had to stop her and snap a photo of it, I mean come on! This thing was extreme, I would kill for this kind of hat! Im also pretty sure the flowers were alive with is crazy! You go girl!


Finally we made it to the show! I don’t want to give away too much for those who are wanting to see it, but let me tell you, as someone who has been going to the Christmas Spectacular since she was a baby, this show was amazing! There were the Rockettes (of corse), a fun NY themed story line that takes you all around the city, audience interaction, and celebrity voice overs. The one downside is that it wasn’t long enough! I wanted more of everything! Especially the Rockettes doing their classic line kicking! The costumes were amazing as well, below is a peek at one of the Rockettes’ outfits for the show.


Over all it was an amazing day in NYC with my family! The Big Apple will always have my heart when it comes to seeing shows and having a classic NY brunch. If anyone does see the Spring Spectacular please let me know if you thought it was as amazing as I did! The show goes on from now until May 3, so get your tickets soon!



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