My Summer 2015 Bucket List

Hi Loves,
As I sit here I am working on my annual summer bucket list. A list of fun things I want to do this summer. In the past I’ve had there on it like “spend a week on the Cape” or “drive across the country”. Cliche things that people want to do. This summer though I’m making a list of fun things I can do that will cost less than $30 to do. Meaning, spending a week in a fancy hotel will not be on the list this year (sorry past self, we have new priorities now).

1.) Picnic in the park – Having a good old fashioned picnic is something I always love to do. I feel like picnics are just a classic summer time activity that should be on everyone’s list. You can go fancy in a nice little garden, or a casual picnic by the lake. There are just so many ways it can be done and I love them all.

2.) Go hiking somewhere new – I’ve recently been wanting to go hiking very badly (I even bought a new top for the occasion.. shh). There are some great places back in NY to go hiking and I’ve just never done it. So this year I have 4 different places I want to hike this summer and I’ve found some people who want to do it with me. I feel like hiking is a great way to get outside and explore a place you’ve never seen before, even if it is in your own backyard.

3.) Have a tag sale – In an attempt to reorganize my life and my families life I’m trying to make having a tag sale a yearly thing. We managed to throw one together before summer ended last year so I’m working on making it happen again this year. Tag sales are a great way to de-clutter your life and earn some extra money.

4.)  Go Fishing – Fishing is not everyone’s cup of tea, I know. But for me fishing brings back great memories of spending summers with my uncle who loves fishing. He taught me how to fish in the pond in my back yard and I caught the tiniest fish I’d ever seen. Now I don’t fish to eat, for me it’s purely catch and release! But it’s a fun summer time activity and something I think everyone should know how to do (what if you’re stuck on a deserted island? how will you eat?)

5.) Run a 5K – This summer my mom and I both are trying to be healthier, so we each have it on our bucket lists that we will run at least 1 5K this summer. Not only is it good exercise but most often it is for a good cause (and doesn’t cost more than $20).

6.) Fall in love with something – The last thing on the list I have so far is to fall in love with something, not someone, I know everyone wants a perfect summer time romance, but I want to fall in love with something NEW. A new place, a new food, a new activity, there are so many things I have yet to explore in the world so ideally I would like to fall in love with a new thing every 3 months. 4 new things a year, I figure over a life time that is a lot of things I’ll realize I love.

So that is my list for now, if you have any fun and inexpensive summer time activities you think I should add to my list leave me a comment. I would love to try some new things this summer!



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