Summer 2015 Reflection

Hi Loves,

Summer has come to a close. I’m now back in Boston awaiting the first day of school. So I’m the meantime I will reflect on summer as everyone who is going back to school is probably doing. As you know I made a bucket list for this summer, 10 things I wanted to do this summer to make it the most fun and exciting summer yet. Now is the time to formally cross off my list to see just how many things I managed to do.

1.) Picnic in the Park – Though I didn’t post about it I actually managed to have a picnic in a park on the 4th of July. The park was right on the Hudson River with the fireworks overhead. It was a really fun night with my family and some really great picnic sandwiches!


2.) Go Hiking Somewhere New – I have talked about the hikes I’ve taken this summer and the three places I went were all places I had never been before.




3.) Have a Tag Sale – Sadly this is the first thing on the list I wasn’t able to do. Tag sales are hard to throw together so I didn’t have enough time plan one. Instead I was able to sell things online which I think was almost just as good.

4.) Go Fishing – About 3 weeks ago my uncle who loves fishing took me to a couple of local fishing spots. Not only was it a great day for fishing but it was some great bonding time with my uncle.


5.) Run a 5k – At the start of August the Insane Inflatable 5k came to NY relatively close to where I live. We got a group together and all ran (or tried to) this crazy fun 5k. There where 11 or so inflatable obstacles (you know, like bouncy houses and inflatable slides)! It was such a blast!

6.) Fall in Love with Something New – This is one of the most difficult things on my list. How will I know when I’ve fallen in love with something? Will it even happen? Well it did for me. I’ve always loved water but I never realized I love waterfalls until I hiked to a couple. Waterfalls are such amazing natural formations, they are relaxing, and bring beauty to even the creepiest of forests.


7.) Spend a Day With My Toes in The Sand – One fine summer day my mom and I took a spontaneous drive to the beach. We spent the day with our toes in the sand, soaking up the sun, and swimming in the sea. It was a perfect beach day complete with the perfect ice cream cone.


8.) Have a Bonfire – Most nights this summer were either too hot or to wet to have a bonfire, but one fine chilly summer night my family and I were together and we threw together a bonfire with s’mores and stories. It was a perfectly cozy summer night.
9.) Go to the Drive-in – There were two drive-in theaters in my area and recently a third opened that was themed like a classic drive-in, they even have throwback movie nights! They make the most amazing Nutella shakes that you can have delivered to your car! It was a really fun night with friends watching The Breakfast Club.


10.) Visit My Area’s Tourist Attractions – The last thing on my bucket list was to visit the tourist attractions in my area and throughout completing my list I was able to do that without even realizing it. This summer was full of wonderful adventures and amazing lasting memories that I will never forget! It was absolutely a summer for the books! Thank you for coming on this amazing journey with me, I hope you stick around for next summer!


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