Fall 2015 Bucket List

Hi Loves,

It’s officially fall! Fall is one of my favorite seasons because I love wearing cozy clothes, dark colors, and fuzzy socks under my boots. I really want to get out more this fall than I did last year, fall is a season to enjoy, before staying in all winter and enjoying that beauty while under tons of blankets. So let’s get into this list.

1.) Take a walk through the park – Boston has so many beautiful parks so my goal is to take a leisurely walk through the park on one of my days off. I love taking in the beautiful fall leaves, it’s one of the best parts of living in the north east!

2.) Make some DIY fall drinks – Fall is a time for delicious hot drinks and although we love them, making Starbucks stops every day gets pricey. So how do you have your fill of tasty hot drinks without breaking the bank? DIY them of course! This fall I will be trying out some yummy fall drink recipes so help me out and give me some ideas and let me know some drinks you want to see!

3.) Knit something cozy – You may not know this but I love, love, love, to crochet and knit! I know it’s completely a grandma thing to love, but it’s so relaxing to me and really fulfilling to know you’re using something you made! I’ve been seeing a lot of wool knit blankets recently, so I would love to try and make one for myself if possible.

4.) Do some fall baking – I love baking! It’s so fun and in the end it’s always so yummy! Some of my favorite fall treats are pumpkin cookies, fruit pies, and brownies of course! I’d love to find some new treats to make this fall and share with my friends.

5.) Decorate for fall – Having just moved into my first apartment there really isn’t much except the basics, so I am so excited to decorate a bit for the fall season! I have no idea how exactly I’m going to decorate YET, but there are a lot of ideas flowing through my head!

6.) Host a fall girls night in – I know I said I want to get out more for the fall but having a girls night in is just as fun! Staying in, getting cozy, and trying out some of the baking and fall drinks is a perfect fall evening!

7.) Watch the Peanuts thanksgiving special – Watching festive shows on television make the season feel more traditional to me, there are some things that I have to watch or else the season doesn’t feel real.

8.) Make a fall playlist – That being said about shows making the season festive the same goes for music. I’ve come to realize that every season I gravitate towards different songs that just make the season feel more fall like.

9.) DIY fall beauty – Fall is the season when our skin starts getting crazy dry and we suddenly start going through chapstick like its candy on Halloween. So why not put together some awesome DIY beauty treatments to keep the skin looking fab throughout fall!

10.) Take fall photos – I’ve always loved taking photos and fall is one season where there is always so much to capture. So plan on breaking out the camera and taking some great pictures this season.

There we have it, the ten things I want to do this fall. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts about the things I do this fall. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all. Please feel free to leave me some ideas to add to my bucket list if you have any suggestions for me!




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