Blackbird Doughnuts

Hi Loves,

Recently while exploring the South End of Boston with a couple of my friends we went hunting for Blackbird Doughnuts, an amazing doughnut shop that is all over the Boston food blog world! Their shop may be small but their doughnuts have BIG flavor.

I got a vanilla chai doghnut topped with walnuts. Oh My God, guys, I can honestly say this was the best doughnut I have ever had! It was HUGE for starters (I was so full after finishing it), and when you bit into it, it melted in your moth and was so fluffy inside! I am so excited to go back and try more of the flavorful doughnuts that they bake (like their coffee bacon doughnut… Yes that’s actually a thing!)

If you haven’t been to Blackbird Doughnuts yet, drop what your doing, follow them on Instagram, and then go get yourself an amazing doughnut (or four). And don’t forget to tag me in all your posts about these delicious doughnuts, I’ll need an idea of what to try next when I go again!




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