International Women’s Day 2018

Hi Loves,

Happy International Women’s Day to all! This year is a special one for me as it is the first year that I can officially consider myself a female entrepreneur. If you didn’t know I’m currently in the process of funding and publishing my first book! It’s titled Lost It and is a collection of interviews I’ve done with 100 people about how they lost their virginity (learn more here). I’ve been mulling over this idea for three years and since one of my new years resolutions was to make 2018 a year of “just doing it”, now is as good a time as any to see this book through! Though I’m still an emerging entrepreneur I have already met some very inspiring women who have taken things they were passionate about or curious about and turned it into a career. I’m thrilled to be able to join these women who  have taken an idea and run with it, making the most out of their resources and abilities.


10 years ago I watched my mom and her business partner open a school together. These two strong women went from teachers to full on owners in a matter of days and through the years I watched them grow, overcome hard times, and build their school up in ways I never thought possible. I’ve been inspired by these two women for years and I hope that what I’m doing now makes them as proud as they’ve continued to make me.


I come from a family of strong women. We are loud, we are scrappy, and we will get our point across and look good doing it. These women who raised me showed me how to be firm without raising my voice. How to be rich without a cent to my name. And how to love unconditionally even when it feels like the entire world is against you. For them I am forever grateful.


Then there are the ones I hope to inspire. To the young women and little girls I’ve known their entire lives, or just met for a day, I hope that I showed you what it is to be a strong women. To follow your heart in everything you do and never apologize for the strong person you are. Learn something new everyday and have a wealth of useless knowledge because you never know when something will come in handy and make your dreams a reality.

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone. Don’t forget to celebrate the amazing women in your life, and celebrate them for all they’ve done for you!





One thought on “International Women’s Day 2018

  1. Erin says:

    Thank you for sharing these inspirational words, Eleni. I hope you do know how proud and happy we all are to know you, spend time with you, and celebrate your incredible spirit and accomplishments! Thank you for the honor of being included in this impressive group of women. I love you, and I know the best is yet to come!


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