Time To Be #SoShamless ft. Marc Jacobs Beauty

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Hi Loves,

Today we are talking about a makeup product that I honestly don’t use very often; foundation. I don’t use it much because most of the foundations I’ve used take forever to blend, feel heavy on my skin, dry out my skin, or just look straight cakey. I don’t think it’s just me, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who wear foundation seem to have the same issue as me. Well I’m here to say I’ve found a foundation that I love! The Marc Jacobs Shameless 24 Hour Foundation. I received it free from Influenster to try out and I’ve fallen in love.

“Why do you love this rather expensive foundation”, is what you may be asking yourself. Well let me tell you why. It has SPF 25, now I’ll be the first to admit I NEVER wear sun block, so having a foundation with SPF is kind of nice so that I know my skin is being protected, but it’s also not an extra step in the morning.

Next, the colors available is a huge range. There are 29 different shades which are split up by skin tone and the undertone of your skin, for example I have Y440 which is medium tan with golden peach undertones. The next one is R460 which is tan with pink undertones, and the one down is Y420, tan with yellow undertones. There are even more options than I thought needed when it comes to undertones which is great, especially for us women of color who already have a hard time matching our skin tone.

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Full night of using the foundation, my skin is even and glowing!

Lastly the formula is so smooth and light, it gives medium coverage and your skin looks smooth and supple. It feels like there is nothing on your face which for me is a huge plus. I hate feeling like my skin is being weighed down by foundation. I want it to feel like and natural, that’s exactly how I like it to look too.

Yes it is a little pricy at $46.00, but I honestly believe a little goes a long way with this product. You don’t need a huge amount to see a difference in your skin, I just do little dots all over my face and blend with a damp beauty sponge. I think that for the price you definitely get what you pay for. Thanks for reading!





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