Instagramable NYC – Lower West Side


Hi Loves,

Summer is here and I’m so pleased! At the end of April I spent two days walking around NYC and meeting up with some friends and celebrating my besties birthday. The weather was so perfect the entire weekend and we hit some extremely Instagramable places (locations tagged below if you want to find them too)!

Spot 1: The Highline




The Highline is a perfect place to take awesome Instagram photos. There’s always awesome art and cool statues and great views of the Hudson River and skyline views. Some of my favorite places to stop are the Ironwoodland sign and the Statue of Liberty mural. Definitely suggest to enter the Highline as high up as possible like at 30th and 10th that way you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on any of the art!


Spot 2: Big Gay Ice Cream



Big Gay Ice Cream is just one of those NYC places you have to hit FOR the Instagram. Not a far walk from the end of the Higline, it’s the perfect sugar kick to get you through a day of exploring! 61 Grove St, New York, NY


Spot 3: Burn Baby Burn


NYC is famous for having murals all over the place. They’re perfect photo opportunities because of their colors and fun sayings. This one was a bit hard to locate so here is the exact address for you; 173 7th Ave S, New York, NY. It’s right next to/is a wall attached to a restaurant so don’t be surprised if it’s a bit covered.


Spot 4: Eat Drink Wild


Sidewalk cafes are adorable, I will never not love them. This beautiful fresh cafe had a delicious menu and even more delicious looking food! They are also a vegan friendly restaurant, so if you have that dietary need this is a good place to stop, though they do have meat too, so it’s good for everyone! 535 Hudson St, New York, NY


Spot 5: Friends Apartment


Okay so this may not look like much, but this IS the famous Friends apartment that you see in the show. If you’re a super fan then it’s worth going and having your moment on the set! 90 Bedford St, New York, NY


Spot 6: Post Office Steps


If you’re trying to get a Blair Waldorf shot on a good set of stairs but wont be getting up to the MET this is definitely a good replacement set of stairs. P.S. I never noticed that pigeon behind my head… 421 8th Ave, New York, NY


Spot 7: Doughnut Plant


My little cousin introduced me to this amazing doughnut shop which I’m so thankful for. It is literally a rose doughnut, in look and in taste! 12/10 recommend for the doughnuts and for the IG! 220 W 23rd St, New York, NY


Spot 8: Flatiron Building


This building is a staple NYC site. Definitely suggest stopping by here and taking an awesome picture with this odd shaped building. It’s always nice to get those classic shots when you visit such a touristy city. 175 5th Ave, New York, NY


Spot 9: Madison Square Park




This park has beautiful views of the city, and if you’re there in the spring/summer you’ll get to see the stunning pink flowering trees that are all over the park. Spend some time by the fountain or have an Instagramable photoshoot all over this beautiful park. 11 Madison Ave, New York, NY


Spot 10: Excellent Dumpling House


Soup dumplings are all the rage right now and I’ve been dying to try them. If you’re an avid food IGer like me (@dininganddashing) then you know it’s important to be up on trends. These soup dumplings really live up to the hype! They’re delicious and at this location they’re quite well priced.  165 W 23rd St, New York, NY


Spot 11: New York Public Library


Another classic NYC building the architecture of this building makes for great shots. It’s also beautiful on the inside so if you have the chance to go in and check it out I definitely suggest you do! 476 5th Ave, New York, NY


That’s all I’ve got for you! I hope that you check out some of these places and take some amazing shots. Don’t forget to tag me if you do with #AdventuresInFlats or #DiningAndDashing if you go to the food places!

Thanks for reading!




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