Makeup Questions Answered by David Lucas (MUA)

Hi Loves,

Have you ever had makeup questions that you’re just dying to know the answers to? I have, so I asked my amazing makeup artist friend, David Lucas ( @davicrocket on Instagam). I knew he could give me helpful tips on exactly what I should be doing with my makeup in 2016 (I mean he clearly knows what he’s doing!).


Question: When did you first get into makeup?

Answer: I first got into makeup some time in High School. I used to have pretty bad acne on my forehead. I would say I didn’t have skin on my forehead just zits. So I would use makeup to cover my skin up.

Q: What was the first makeup item you bought?

A: I remember it like it was yesterday. The first pieve of make up I ever bought was the Rimmel Hide the Blemish Cover Stick. I was with my friend and we were in Ulta and I knew I wanted a concealer.

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