Spring… Is That You?

Hi Loves,

Today I went for the most amazing walk by the Charles River. I’ve been in Boston since September and I hadn’t walked to the Charles until today. At first I had no idea where I was going, wandering through the West End like a lost puppy, I’m sure a lot of people could tell I was out of place. Then I came to a bridge that crosses over the highway and I found my way through a park and to the water front. Today in Boston the high is 46 degrees! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and I finally did the cliche walk by the Charles! I know it seems odd to be so excited about doing something so cliche Boston, but I live for doing cliches, don’t ask why, it’s just always been something I love. As I’m walking and thinking I’d better get back soon I stumble across a small boathouse where people are loading some of the boats into the water and tying them up to the docks. So another thing about me is that I LOVE watching boats on the water. Even if they are just tied up and no one is on them, it’s mesmerizing to me. So as I’m sitting there in the sun, with ducks floating in patches of unfrozen river, and boats bobbing at the docks it hits me. It’s finally almost spring! After months of cold cold Boston winter (we broke a record if you haven’t heard) the spring weather is finally upon us! We will not go back to that dark place we where in before where we played “snowbank or a car?” because the snowbanks where the size of cars1530260_orig


I’m exited to explore Boston in my first spring here and share what I find with you guys! I already love Boston in the Fall, and I’ve stayed in love even through the harsh winter, now it’s time for the season of rebirth and fresh starts! Boston spring I’m ready for you, so you had better get ready for me!



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