Tatte Bakery – Beacon Hill

Hi Loves,
Since today is such a rainy cloudy, yet still warm enough for a tank top, day in Boston, I decided to throw it back to a sunnier time in life… Yesterday. I’ve been following Tatte Bakery on Instagram since I came to Boston and every day I stare at their delicious tarts and croissant while struggling to get through the day eating dining hall food. When I heard they were opening a location in Beacon Hill, somewhat walking distance for me, I had to go! They have two other locations, one in Brookline and one in Cambridge. If you live in Boston or will be visiting then you MUST have brunch or dessert at one of their locations. Inside looked like an adorable country bakery with white tiles and wood counters. Everything looked and smelled amazing! At first I had no idea what to get, I don’t know anyone who has been to one of their locations so I had nothing to go off of. I honestly could have had one of everything, but since I’ve been so good about not over eating sugary things, I stuck with it and only left with one sugary treat. I picked up a lemon mint tart, and just the name alone had me licking my lips. I carried it all the way back to my room and didn’t eat it until after I’d had a proper dinner.



Guys, this tart was honestly SO good. If I can recommend anything for you to eat in boston it would be pastries from this bakery. Everything about it makes you feel like a million bucks, without breaking the bank. Tatte Bakery, if you ever read this post, thank you for creating such a beautiful thing. You will see me in one of your locations again very soon!



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