Wear Yellow for Seth

Hi Loves,
So today is the day to wear yellow for Seth. If you don’t know who Seth is, he is a 5 year old boy with an immune deficiency disease who is also in need of a bone marrow transplant. His favorite color is yellow, and he and his parents took to youtube and made a video asking people to wear yellow to show Seth how much support he has. If you have not watched Seth’s video I encourage you to do so. He is such an adorable little boy, how could you not support him! So today, April 27 is the day to wear yellow for seth! Hashtag your posts so Seth knows how much love he has! Snapchat has also made special imagery for the #wearyellowforseth day.



  Get some yellow, take to social media, and show your support for Seth! I’m wearing yellow for Seth, are you?



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