Boston Marathon 2015

Hi Loves,
On Monday it was the 119th annual Boston Marathon. It was my first time being in the city during the marathon so a friend and I decided to spend the whole day experiencing it… Little did we know it was going to be a very cold and rainy day. From 9 am to 2 pm we watched the runners and cheered them on, we even helped family members spot out their relatives during the run. Watching so many people run the marathon was honestly an amazingly inspiring experience. People dream of running in the marathon and do it for a cause or for a family member, it is incredible. I would love to run in the Boston Marathon someday but for now I think I am going to start with a few 5K’s with my mom. After telling her about how I loved watching these people run we decided this summer we would find local 5K’s that we can run together.


If you are ever in Boston for the marathon or someday get the chance to run it embrace it, it is an amazing thing that not everyone gets to do in their life. There is a very deep sense of patriotism during the marathon, especially after the bombing a few years ago. Watching the marathon is an experience everyone should have.



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