Love for Lavender Event

Hi Loves,
April is the month of all cancers and lavender is the color that represents all cancers, so yesterday night my club Her Campus hosted our Love for Lavender event. It was at a local venue called Umbria Prime, there was good food, fun music and awesome raffle prizes! Our event coordinator did an amazing job putting together this event so I have to give her major props!! There was lavender things everywhere, balloon, yummy lavender gum balls, and even a purple carpet! Some of the things we had to win were Red Sox tickets that were a $500 value, TJMaxx gift card, TD Garden cookie jar with Celtics towels, and then there is what I won, a basket full of candy and an amazing mug!!



I was just in it for the mug though, I gave away all my candy to people at the party. One thing you may not know about me is I have a cup obsession! And the one I won last night adds to my growing collection. Over all the night was really fun! We raised a decent amount of money for the American Cancer Association and had a fun time doing it!



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