Jessie J Concert

Hi Loves,
So last Tuesday Jessie J came to my school as part of her Sweet Talker Tour! It was held at a local venue and honestly was an amazing night. We had a couple of school groups preform before her then Jessie J stole the show. She is an incredible talent, not only did she sing but she took some time to actually talk to us about life and how it was growing up for her. Her mother attended the show as well which I thought was adorable! She sang some of her old songs and a few ones that are out now. I had an amazing time watching her preform. For the show she work a tunic with the name of my school on it, which she took off mid way and threw into the audience. I’m not sure who caught it but I’m jealous! Under the tunic she had on high waisted bottoms and an adorable bralette. She also wore black Channel booties that were to die for!


  Jessie J is amazing! I’m not the kind of person who has every one of her songs on my Itunes or knows the words to all her songs, but I really enjoyed her performance so if you get the chance to see Jessie J I say do it! It was a really fun night with my friends so I definitely recommend going to one of her shows!



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