My Day at the MFA

Hi Loves,
Yesterday a friend and I went to check out the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston near Northeastern University. We had never been and with our student ID’s we were able to get in free, so we spent an amazing Saturday walking around the MFA. They featured a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit which had a lot of his amazing sketches such as the one below, one of my favorites, called “Studies of the Hindquarters of a Horse”. I love horses so I had to snap a shot of this piece.Picture

We walked through the jewelry section, wishing we could have every piece in there, then through American arts, European arts, and Contemporary arts. I have to say the European arts was my favorite because it featured some of my favorite artists and my favorite piece of art work, “Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer” by Edgar Degas.


Right now the MFA also has on display the time capsule that was found in the Massachusetts State House! It will only be on display until Wednesday, April 22 so get there ASAP if you can. I was not able to see it when my friend and I went, but we plan on going back and seeing exactly what was found. The MFA is an amazing museum, if you can go you with out a doubt should go! I really enjoyed everything I saw and wish I had gone more times throughout this year. Just another thing to put on the Boston Bucket List!



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