My First Time Geocaching

Hi Loves,

This weekend while spending the day with the kids I babysit I took them to a local park. I’ve heard of geocaching before and thought it would be a fun thing for us to do on our excursion. The first one we found was XS and had a list of people’s names and initials with dates. It was really cool to see all the people that had found the cach before we did. They loved exploring and searching for the geocach, it was fun to see! 


That same day we went to a second park that had another cach in it. We had to go on a fun trail walk to find the cach and this one was larger so I let the kids pick a toy from the box and we left what we brought. They enjoyed this box much more because they got a toy from it (classic kids!). It was a really fun day over all and I’m hoping I’ll get to do more geocaching with the kids and my friends this summer!
Let me know if you’ve gone!



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