Strawberry Picking!

Hi Loves,
Every year my mom and I become members of a local farm project which allows us to get fresh vegetables every week. This week we picked up kale, lettuce, green garlic, cabbage, and popping corn. In addition they gave us the option of picking our own quart of strawberries, which I had to do! My cousin and I went to the farm and got our veggies then went out to the field and picked the strawberries you see below. We ate some as we picked because they were just so good!


We ended up making smoothies for breakfast the next morning with our fresh kale and strawberries, then we added some bananas and some milk! It was a delicious breakfast smoothie and really refreshing for the summer time. I’m really looking forward to cooking with these fresh veggies every week and making some more things! If anyone has some recipes you think I should try let me know! And I would recommend anyone look into local farm projects to see if there are any in your area, they are really great!



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