How to Actually Spend Your Friday Night

Hi Loves,

Friday night is meant for going out, meeting up with friends, and having wild adventures you will someday tell your kids about when they are of appropriate age, right? Wrong! Friday nights are meant for staying in, getting cozy, and bumming out until you pass out and wake up Saturday ready to conquer the day. Here are the things you actually need to do on a Friday night.


3:00 pm – Start your night off with a roughly 2 hour nap. A good nap is the perfect way to start your night right! Don’t forget to fall asleep while watching the food channel so your dreams a filled with delicious food.

5:00 pm –  After you’ve awoken from your food filled nap, realize that you’re hungry, that salad you had for lunch really didn’t fill you up like you thought it would… Go to the kitchen and look through the cabinets for something delicious to eat but realize there isn’t anything here so instead settle on a chocolate chip granola bar and some water.

6:30 pm – After spending some time on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, you decide to take inspiration from your night in and take an artsy photograph.

7:00 pm – After 45 photos and half an hour of readjusting your blankets, jewelry, and hot mug of tea (which is now ice cold) you finally have the perfect photo for Instagram.

7:50 pm – You’ve been reeling in the likes on your photo, and watching re-runs of your favorite guilty pleasure show that you’ll never get enough of (Sex and the City). You realize you’re still REALLY hungry. So you place an order for pizza which will be ready in 20 minutes

8:15 pm – Look at the time! You’re 5 minutes late to pick up your delicious pizza! Who does that? Who’s late to pick up the food they’re so desperate for?! Ugh and it’s raining out, better put on a sweater and rain boots, oh and you can finally break out your new boot socks!

8:20 pm – You leave the building to go pick up the pizza and realize it isn’t raining anymore! Yay, don’t have to worry about messing up my hair, but why is it so hot out? First off it’s night time, and it was raining, so why is it still… 70 degrees out! OMG!

8:35 pm – Okay, got the pizza now back in the safety of home. Eh, no need for plates I’m going to scarf this thing down!

8:45 pm – 3 pieces later…. Oh good lord how did I eat so much in such a short amount of time?

9:00 pm – Should I eat just one more piece?

9:05 pm – No! You’re full just put the pizza away.

9:10 pm – Ahh back in bed and back to your full attention on the TV.

9:45 pm – Wow it’s been a full night it must be like 1 am…. Oh look at that it’s 9:45, huh…

10:00 pm – Can’t wait to eat that pizza tomorrow.

11:00 pm – This show is so good, why would they take it off the air? It has all the elements of an awesome show. Witty script, characters you can connect to, great location. Wow you realize you could totally write an awesome show!

11:15 pm – You realize you could never write an awesome show.

2:00 am – You’ve dozed off and are woken by you’re roommate getting back from having a fun night out. You offer said roommate a couple of slices of pizza and proceed to pass out again.

9:00 am – You wake up and see the empty pizza box on the floor and your roommate asleep in their bed. Guess you won’t be eating that awesome left over pizza today… (Sigh)


*Based on one of my very own Friday nights*


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