Up and Coming : Straw Straws

Hi Loves,

It’s time for another learning moment. I love sustainable products. I think that they are so important for the world, and they just make so much sense! On Thursday I met Alex Bennett, the “Chief Straw Man” from the company Straw Straws. This amazing company is using actual straw to make drinking straws! The straws are from the stalks of rye plants that go through a natural process which hardens them so they are durable enough to use as proper drinking straws. Now you may be skeptical about this and thinking “They couldn’t be as good as plastic straws”. I disagree. I got to try out the straws and I felt like they were just as good as plastic straws without the waste that plastic straws create. In comparison to paper straws I would go with Straw Straws 10/10 times. Both are biodegradable, but paper straws always fall apart in my drinks leaving floating paper bits (not attractive). Straw Straws are also very aesthetically pleasing to me, they are in the natural form of the rye so they are very natural and earthy.


The straws are not yet for sale online, but keep an eye out and check them out at www.strawstraws.com and on Instagram at instagram.com/sipstrawstraws. So #sipsustainably  and get with this trend that doesn’t only look good, but also does good for the earth!




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