Confessions of a *Beginner* Makeup Addict

Hi Loves,

Lets just say makeup has never really been my forte. I’ve always had MAJOR respect for anyone who can do their makeup and not come away looking like a clown, but when it came to doing my own makeup I stuck with some mascara, a tinted lipgloss and called it a day.

That said, I’ve gained more interest in makeup just in the last month or so. I do have a lot of products that I’ve gotten in swag bags from different events, as presents, or that I picked up myself but never got around to using.

I think my official addiction started when I was in NYC and met up with David Lucas (AKA @Davicrocket on Instagram) and he helped me pick out an amazing lip color from Bite Beauty. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with finding lip colors that work on me, especially matte ones. Then I thought ‘Hmm maybe you should do some eye makeup to go with the lip colors’. Now I’ve been browsing the internet and I placed a couple of orders from MAC Cosmetics and Colourpop Cosmetics.

The 5 Signs of a Beginner Makeup Addict:

  • Binge watching makeup hauls/collection videos on YouTube
  • Sudden interest in everyones lipstick
  • You finally understand why eyebrows need to be “On Fleek”
  • Sephora is your new favorite online shop
  • Trying to make a single decent look from the makeup you already have, and seeing it’s not as easy as you thought it would be…

I’ve been binge watching makeup hauls and collections on YouTube, some people really know what they are doing, I can only hope I gain a tenth of their talent. There is a 0% chance that I will reach the ‘Beauty Guru’ level in the makeup world, but a girl can dream!

Below is a photo of my most recent makeup purchases. Not too excessive, but absolutely more than my usual!


(Top to Bottom) Colourpop “Polite Society” Lip liner, MAC X Ariana Grande lipstick, Colourpop “Polite Society” Lippy Stick, Benefit “High Beam” highlighter, MAC “False Lashes Extreme Black” mascara, Maybelline “Fit Me” Foundation.

I wont lie, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. Like how do you use gel liner, what do I do with a beauty blender, and HOW do you contour?! These are all things I have yet to learn, and don’t know if I ever will know, but maybe I’ll try.


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – Looked more yellow tone than my actual skin tone, but it works perfectly! I’ve been loving it so far, it blends in really well to my skin. They have 40 shades, so if you’re looking for a foundation go check them out! Looks amazing in natural light BTW! (Sent to me from Influenster, but opinion is my own!)

MAC X Ariana Grande – It is DARK and I love it, I’ve been layering Police Society over it just to make it a little less dark and more wearable for springtime! It is a really beautiful matte!

Colourpop ‘Polite Society’ – Much more peachy than I was expecting, but a color I don’t have which is a nice mix for spring. Very fun peachy matte shade!

Colourpop ‘Honey Dude’ – I bought this eye liner to do the same thing that white eye liner does, make your eyes pop. I thought that getting a more neutral color (not white, but a peachy beige) would have the same effect but not be as drastic as white.

Colourpop ‘Nevermind’ – I bought this lip liner to wear with the Ariana Grande for MAC lipstick. It honestly works so well with this lipstick, I’m glad I spent $5 on this one instead of a lot more from MAC

If you think that you may have a makeup addiction… feel free to leave me a comment so that we can connect and talk about all things makeup! I hope to continue on this makeup journey and hopefully some of you will join me along the way!




5 thoughts on “Confessions of a *Beginner* Makeup Addict

  1. Harley Ferrante says:

    I’m actually currently deployed and just began embracing my addiction to makeup, mostly lipsticks. Being out here working in the desert makes you feel less pretty and put together then you would usually be so going into work with at least a put together face makes the day a lot better. But tips would definitely help, especially someone who is experiencing this confusing journey of a new found addiction

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