Coachella Season: Fashion Goals

Hi Loves,

If you aren’t aware it is officially Coachella Season. Probably one of the most hyped up music festivals since Woodstock, Coachella is the place where BOHO hippies of all kinds unite every year and dance for days on end. Then the rest of us get to drool over their amazing BOHO styled Instagram photos, as we look out our apartment windows at the hail… (yes it hailed last week in Boston).

I’ve put together a list of all the things I would bring to Coachella (were I so lucky to get to go), so that I could dance with the best of them!


These are the things I would bring with me. I love how choker necklaces are totally in style and getting more popular. the beaded ASOS choker, which you can find here, is really beautiful, and so is the more understated simple black choker from ASOS, found here.

As for those awesome short Carhartt overalls, available here, I love them so much, but I’m really interested in making my own DIY cut off pair (let me know what you think about that). Overalls were one of my favorite things to wear when I was a kid, and now they are coming back just in time for summer!

Those two flowy shorts from Splendid are so beautiful and also easy to wear. The blue pair, here, and the white pair, here, are both very easy to wear and would be light and airy for the hot desert heat that you have to suffer through at Coachella!

The next style that I picked are crop tops, typically not my style, however, for Coachella I think they are a must. The ASOS pair, here, and the Free People one, here, are both very easy to wear with anything. I feel like they would be very comfortable for walking around without overheating!

Finally finishing off my Coachella Fashion Goals are these amazing Wildfox sunglasses! I am OBSESSED with them, I never thought I would love round sunglasses so much, but the pink lenses with the blue surrounding it and the gold accents, is something I want to put on my face right now.

Now I bet you’re wondering “Eleni, what shoes would you wear?”, well I honestly don’t know what would be better, but below are some options that I found and am completely in love with.


I love both of these shoes, the sandal, found here, and the sneaker, found here, are both great options when it comes to dancing around and being on your feet all day. It really just depends on what kind of a vibe you’re going for, between these two options its either more sporty or more BOHO glam.

So thats all, loves. I someday hope to actually attend Coachella and wear some of my Coachella Fashion Goals, but until then I will live vicariously through people’s Instagram posts. Let me know what you would wear to Coachella, and if you’re going leave your Instagram below so I can go check out your posts!





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