Multipurpose Makeup ft. Bite Beauty


Hi Loves,

As you may know I’ve been slowly getting into makeup recently. I don’t wear it everyday, but I love having it available to play with when I’m in the mood. A new item to the makeup scene is the Bite Beauty Multistick, which I was lucky enough to receive in three shades, curtesy of Influenster, to test and review. I do own other Bite Beauty products that I bought for myself upon the recommendation of my good friend (and makeup artist) David Lucas.

Bite Beauty makes their products with natural organic food grade ingredients. That, along with the amazing formula, puts these on my top products list. The Multistick can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. Easy to blend and a very creamy texture.


Here is how I’ve used them:

Blondie – Light Brown: I’ve been loving this color for an eyeshadow as a lid color.

Cocoa – Dark Brown: I’ve been using this color as a crease eyeshadow color, and also as a contour color on my cheeks. it gives a great shadow and blends easily.

Macaroon – Cool Pink: This is the color I’ve been using the least, pinks aren’t a color I use often with makeup. I’ve enjoyed this color as a blush and a lip color. It’s just pink enough and not too bright for my skin tone.

Bite Beauty makes some amazing lip products also. One of my favorites is their matte cream lip crayon in the shade Glace, it’s one of my main go to products! Bite Beauty products are available at Sephora online and in store, they have tons of shades in The Multistick so if you’re not fold of the colors I reviewed there are plenty of other options.

Over all I would say The Multistick is something you should go check out even if the concept is odd to you. If you do try them out let me know what you think of them!

Thanks for reading!




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