Fall in New York


Hi Loves,

Over the long weekend in October I headed back to the Hudson Valley to take some time off from the busy life in the city. It was a nice change of pace being home and seeing the amazing fall foliage that upstate New York has to offer. From a hot air balloon ride to an amazing brunch by the Beacon Falls it was a great time at home.

On to the photos!




Delicious brunch at the Roundhouse in Beacon



More Good syrup shop in Beacon



Sunsets at home, one of my favorite things!


If you visit the Hudson Valley check out some of these amazing spots (places listed below). If you get to eat at the Roundhouse try the Roundhouse Salad… it has some things that wouldn’t typically be on a salad, but trust me it’s delicious and you’ll thank me. And the chef!

Thanks for reading!



Places I Visited

The Roundhouse  by Beacon Falls

Four Brothers (Bacon pineapple pizza is my favorite)

More Good syrup shop

Vintage Beacon

Utensil Kitchenware


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