Lip Tips and Tricks

Hi Loves,

My lips are one of my favorite features on my face, so I like to take good care of them. Does this mean I have excessive amounts of lip products? Yes it does. Does this mean that I can give you some good reviews of different lip products? Yes it does! I am currently using 16 lip balms. I know that’s a bit much, but I actually go through lip products quite quickly. I always have one in a jacket pocket, at least one in each of my purses and backpacks, and then a few throughout my room that I can grab easily and throw on before leaving the house. I also have unopened backups that I’m waiting to open until I get down to at least 7 lip balms if not less. 

Lip Tip No. 1

Use lip scrub! You can buy ones in different flavors from places like Lush or Jeffree Star, or you can make your own with the recipe below. I have both purchased scrub and made my on on various occasions and either way you do it works wonders on your lips. Scrubbing your lips 2-3 times per week will keep the dead skin away. You can also purchase a tongue scrubber and use that on your lips if you’ve got a lot of dead skin. It’s more abrasive, so I wouldn’t suggest doing this often, maybe twice a month if necessary.


Lip Tip No. 2

Moisturize your lips over night! The trend of matte lipsticks has really been taking a toll on innocent lips everywhere! Matte lipsticks are so drying, but there is a way to help your lips out. Overnight use a super moisturizing lip balm so that your lips drink up all the moisture while your sleeping, then in the morning pat your lips a bit to get off excess product then apply your matte lipstick! This method will also insure that your lips are nice and smooth under the matte lipstick, so there wont be the unwanted cracking. Some of my favorite ultra moisturizing products are the Vaseline Cocoa Butter, Rosebud Minted Rose, and a new favorite from Australia (Thank you Vicky!) Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment. One of these lives right next to my bed at all times, so that I have no excuse not to use some before bed.

Lip Tip No.3

Don’t suffer for a kiss! Yes, when you think about kissing someone your mind often wanders to what the kiss will taste like. You may want to go buy some cheap lip balm that tastes great, but is not nice to your lips, but hold on there! There are actually lip balms that taste good and do wonders for your lips. Personal favorites are the Fresh Lip Treatment and EOS.

Lip Tip No. 4

Know the secret to an easy ombre lip! Okay so this is less about keeping your lips happy and more about getting more use out of your lip products. Ombre lips are a great way to mix up your usual makeup routine. It can be subtle or very standout and either way you go with it will add an extra dimension to your makeup. Follow along with the three easy steps below.

Step 1: Start with your first color on the outer part of your lip. Leave space in the middle.


Step 2: Add your second color to the middle of your lips.


Step 3: Blend the colors together using your fingertip, and rubbing your lips together.


So those are my Lip Tips, I hope they are helpful to you through the rest of this winter and just in general. Let me know what some of your favorite lip products are. I would love to give them a try. Thanks for reading!




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