Shell Jewelry Holder DIY


Hi Loves,

I know it sounds silly, but I’ve had dreams of being a mermaid since I was 4 years old. Growing up I always lived next to some kind of water, my first house had a natural waterfall in the back yard and I used to play under it all the time. I’ve always had some connection to water, it relaxes me and makes me feel safe. Last spring break I went down to my Grandmother’s place in Florida and spent some time fishing, kayaking, and taking long walks down to the jetty. Of course I’m one of those people who collects shells while walking down the beach with the hopes of doing some cool DIY projects. Well I’ve finally gathered all the materials I need to do this DIY so let’s do it!


Shell Jewelry Holder – For this you will need:

– 1 Large shell

– Gold paint

– Paint brushes

– Beads of your choice for the feet

– A strong adhesive (E6000)


Step 1: Mark off where the beads will go


Step 2: Glue down the beads, make sure that the holes in the beads are vertical so that they are not visible from the side.


Step 3: Let dry and make sure the beads are secure. Then flip over and paint the gold around the edge of the shell.


Step 4: Let the gold dry, you might want to do 2 coats of gold depending on how opaque the paint is. Once it’s dried you can add your jewelry to the shell and use it as a jewelry holder!




There you have it! The dressers in my room are from IKEA and they are a cool light blue color, so having this shell sitting on the dresser with my rings is a really cute piece.


The rings and the bracelets in the photos are from Pura Vida, they have some adorable things, and the money goes to charity and to give good paying jobs to people in Costa Rica, so check them out if you’re interested!

I hope this DIY was helpful to you and that you make something out of the shells you collect at the beach. It can be a great way to preserve memories. Let me know what you’ve made or are going to make. Thanks for reading!




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