Embroidery: Spring Trends 2017


Purse from Primark ($5)

Hi Loves,

New York Fashion Week is officially over and I already miss it, but looking back on all the amazing shows I noticed TONS of embroidery hitting the runway. Obviously the shows that happen in the spring are meant to be the trends for fall of that year, but I can’t wait until fall to rock this adorable style!

On The Runway: 


Alice + Olivia

In Store: 


In Practice: 

I am absolutely obsessed with my adorable embroidered purse from Primark (shown in the first image)! It’s a great place to go for things that are on trend right now, but might not be in 6 weeks. No reason to spend copious amounts of money on trendy styles! Let me know what you guys think of this embroidery style because I’m absolutely loving it. My favorite embroidery trend is the black background with pops of red and green. How will you rock it? And do I dare DIY something!? Let me know, and thanks for reading!




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