Holiday Cocktails!


Hi Loves,

Since turning 21 I’ve been having a lot of fun with attempting to make different kinds of mixed drinks. It’s always fun to see the glamours drinks people make around the holidays, so I figure why not try it for myself and see what happens! So for this holiday I decided to make three drinks, one cold, one hot, and one that could go either way. Below are the approximate recipes. I’m not that great at measuring, so I mostly went by taste.

Drink 1: Cranberry Sparkling Wine

This drink is so refreshing, sweet but tart, and can be dressed up REALLY easily so it looks extra pretty! Basically it’s 1/2 cranberry juice and 1/2 sparkling white wine (or champagne, whichever you prefer) and that’s it. I rimmed the glass with colored sugar in red and green and then garnished with a rosemary spring dipped in sugar and a few cranberries (not featured). Below are the results!



Drink 2: Kaluah Hot Chocolate

Next we have something for our hot chocolate lovers. Having something nice and hot to warm you up after playing outside in the cold is one of the best parts of winter, so here’s the recipe: 1 packet of hot chocolate, Kaluah Mudslide to taste (start with one shot and go from there). I garnished with some whipped cream, crushed peppermint and a candy cane!



Drink 3: Spiced Rum Cider

The last drink we have can be served hot or cold. Cider is delicious either way, although my preference is served hot. Yes cider is not the prettiest drink out there, but it is definitely a reminder of the holiday season, and served with a cinnamon stick is a great way to bring out the spicy flavor. Start with a glass of cider and add 2 shots of the spiced rum of your choice.



So there you have it, some delicious holiday cocktails that will be perfect for the rest of your winter parties. Let me know what other cocktails you enjoy during the holiday season, festive garnishes included. I’d love to know what you think if you do try any of these cocktails, they are really simple, even the garnishes didn’t break the bank. Thanks for reading!




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