Purify And Unclog With L’Oreal!


Hi Loves,

Happy Soul Sunday! Influenster sent me another package, you know what that means…. It’s time to try another new product! Influenster does send these things for free and for the purpose of testing, so if you’re into trying new products than this is a great way to do it!

This time around I received the Pure-Sugar Scrub from L’Oreal’s skincare line. I’ve never tried anything from the L’Oreal skincare line before, but I’ve heard a lot of mixed feelings about it, so I’ve been interested in trying it out for myself. I try out a lot of different face wash products, I think It’s good to mix it up so that my skin doesn’t get too used to one thing and stop responding the way I want. I definitely don’t have sensitive skin so I have no worries about too harsh of an exfoliant, in fact I say the more exfoliating the better!

So, let’s get into this review.

I’ve found myself using this scrub often! it smells like kiwi and sugar which is a delicious combo. When you put it on it leads to a tingling and warming feeling on your face, much different from other scrubs I’ve used. There is no lather when you massage it in, but the sugar definitely gives you a deep scrub feeling which I love! After washing it off and moisturizing my skin has felt so smooth and soft which is a great feeling to have in this cold harsh weather that usually has my skin feeling dry and flakey. Overall I’ve seen a reduction in my clogged pores and even smaller pores than before! YAY!


Some things to consider; if you usually wash your face in the shower, this scrub is not the best for you. This scrub is meant to be used with dry hands and on dry skin until it’s time to lather. If you use it in the shower the steam will melt it off your face, and even though this is a sugar scrub, it really does not taste good when it’s melting down your face and into your mouth.

So, if you’re in the market for a new face scrub to use semi-reguarly this one has great results and at $10 it’s a very manageable price point! I would absolutely recommend if you have combination skin and clogged pores as I do! Thanks for reading!




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